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Punters Paradise will provide you with statistics to help you place your bet, as well as giving you predictions of the expert tipsters in the Top Tipper Tipping Competitions. We isolate our experts down to those that are good at predicting individual teams - they've got a good track record on the Leaderboards, so check out what the expert fans are predicting before you place your bet!

Competitions include Scottish & English Premier League, Italian Serie A, & NFL

Punters Paradise will also give you an odds comparison from our preferred bookmakers. Because our preferred bookmakers come from a variety of locations, you can often get 20% better odds for what you want to bet on. You can also choose to receive Odds In The Mail where we send you odds comparisons for the competitions you like, directly to your email box. Click Here for Odds in the Mail

Tipping Competitions are great fun and will give you a chance to become one of our expert tipsters. Predict the winner of each match in a competition such as the Premier League or NFL. Score a point for each one you predict correctly, and compete against everyone else to become the Topmost Tipster Online. See how good you are at predicting the score of each team and margin of victory as well.

You can also win great prizes! Click Here to sign up for our Tipping Competitions

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